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Best Of Cbb Bez Wins Celebrity Big Brother 3

Winning the 50000, Bez said that the money would go towards Pimping my race. . The musician beat hot favorite Kenzie from Blazin Squad and Brigitte Nielsen in the final 54% of the votes. Happy Mondays dancer Bez triumphed against the share in the third installment of Celebrity Big Brother.
3.12.08 18:50

Cameron Diaz Pilates Princess

Doing its best to stay in shape killer, Cameron Diaz has been identified and about in Los Angeles yesterday, attending a Pilates class and grabbing a coffee after. The boy Charlies Angels looked somewhat annoyed as he walked past the paparazzi, sporting a dark water overtop cardigan with white tank top navy leggings and suede boots..
3.12.08 18:50

Hell Quot Kitchen

Allen celebrated by going to a belly-dancing bar in Hell Kitchen (probably this one) and stealing a laptop, iPod, digital cameras, and from there into cash. One night, he and a friend snatched a purse. Nineteen years, Douglas Allen has been somewhat of a crime spree in September.
3.12.08 18:50

Tom Cruise Denies Influencing Anti Scientology Book Ban Rumours

Tom Cruise has denied allegations that he forced Amazon to abandon an anti-Scientology, his book shelves. Heartthrob Hollywood, a devout believer in Scientology, was speculated to have paid a visit to the headquarters of Seattle Amazons before the website of UK online retailer withdrew the book from its catalog..
3.12.08 18:50

Kenny Chesney Plans To Return To Boston

Kenny Chesney has sold close to 60,000 tickets in Boston Gillette Stadium for each of the last four years, so that the place is Chesney tour again in 2009. Tickets for the August 15th show will go on sale at 10:00 am ET on December 13, and is expected to sell in less than an hour, as have previous four times..
3.12.08 18:50


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